We are eDream Market


We are now in the era of full speed, everything is changing amazingly fast. The same thing is happening in online environment and in design and programming world. Last year’s exceptional ideas are obsolete today.
At eDream Market we struggle to become better and better, to learn about the new things, to find elegant and professional solutions for projects development/carrying out and to bring to life the most ingenious ideas of our clients.
Challenge is part of our life and every new project becomes a new step towards what we desire to reach - towards perfection. Our objective is to help and support our customers with the newest and most efficient solutions and the best price. Since the beginning our team has struggled to offer a high flexibility in relationship with our customers through a fast adaptation at any specific demands.
The specialists from eDream Market put their wide IT&C experience in your service to offer you a fast and professional solution to your demands. We implement new stiles and innovative technologies combining with advanced managerial development principles and spice our projects with a little bit of soul and color to give our solution personality. All these things are only few ingredients of the recipe used for your and our success.

Some of our services included:

          - Conversion of PSD to online platform
          - Customisation based on unique requirements
          - Search Engine Optimisation
          - Upgrade / Redesign existing websites
          - Website maintenance
          - Integration of third party tools
          - Support and maintenance retainers

After numerous projects devloped on a large range of online solutions (Magento, Joomla, Zend, WordPress ...), presentation web-sites or e-commerce platforms, eDream Market has reached a high experience level.  We create a large range of professional extension having a strong contribution in completion, development and diversification of this e-commerce system.

CONCLUSION: eDream Market was created by professionals for professionals.