1. eDream Responsive Slideshow

    eDream Responsive Slideshow is a full Responsive Magento professional extension, that supports HTML5 / CSS3, for big businesses or presentation sites / portfolio.  Extension uses the newest programming technics, technologies and  is compatible with most of the present mobile platforms. It is optimized to perfectly operate on touch screen devices. It is a Premium Responsive Magento extension with powerful advanced admin panel and unlimited colors, extremely customizable, easy to use and fully responsive. You can change the visual appearance of every pixel of the design, the sky is the only limit.  eDream Responsive Slideshow comes with touch navigation for mobile devices.

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  2. eDream Fixed Header


    eDream Fixed Header is a unique extension that adds an extra function to your shop. Our solution fixes the upper part of the website even when the page is scrolled up / down. The logo, navigation menu, contact or shopping cart will be more efficiently promoted and will remain permanently seen and at client's hand. Fixed Header is lately one of the most popular tendencies in webdesign.
    Using the newest HTML5 and CSS3 programming techniques and technologies we have created eDream Fixed Header so that the important information never will be lost from sight when a webpage is scrolled down. Socializing websites as Facebook and Twitter started to use fixed headers. It doesn't matter how far downwards in page you have navigated, in order to check your friend's updates and messages you can always see the website heading with navigation links and account settings.

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  3. eDream Snowfall

    eDream Snowfall is a Magento extension that adds a subtle snow effect to your website and is very simple to setup. You can pass a class in the collection option and the snow will collect on top of all the elements selected. You can easily display falling snow flakes in an appealing fashion on your Magento shop during the winter holidays or for any other reason. Learn More

  4. eDream Twitter Ticker


    eDream Twitter Ticker is a new responsive Magento extension that has been designed to fit perfectly in your store. With three different styles of design: small / horizontal / vertical you can easily display the latest news and you can add your latest tweets to any page of your store.

    Make your store more interactive and dynamic with latest tweets directly from Twitter account using OAuth over version 1.1 of the Twitter API. So this powerful, modern and flexible extension connects to Twitter via OAuth with a absolutely unique OAuth token. You can set how many items you want to retrieve and display from Twitter.

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  5. eDream Events


    eDream Events is powerful Magento extension that lets you easily create and manage elegant and advanced notifications. Notices can be full customized, positioned in any corner of screen and can have title, content, icons and buttons. It is designed to work in all modern browsers.

    With our new eDream Events extension, you can notify your customers about the latest promotions, news or anything else you want. eDream Events is one of the most effective methods to notify customers, without disturbing.

    Customers can close notications at any time to remove it from the screen. Using cookies, you can set from the time for notification to reappear even if your customer has closed it and you can activate timer and set period of time of notification appearing. Also, in the eDream Events administration interface you will find a great many effects and settings.

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