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eDream Fixed Header
Modern, Simple and Professional

eDream Fixed Header is a unique extension that adds an extra function to your shop. Our solution fixes the upper part of the website even when the page is scrolled up / down. The logo, navigation menu, contact or shopping cart will be more efficiently promoted and will remain permanently seen and at client's hand. Fixed Header is lately one of the most popular tendencies in webdesign.

Using the newest HTML5 and CSS3 programming techniques and technologies we have created eDream Fixed Header so that the important information never will be lost from sight when a webpage is scrolled down.

Socializing websites as Facebook and Twitter started to use fixed headers. It doesn't matter how far downwards in page you have navigated, in order to check your friend's updates and messages you can always see the website heading with navigation links and account settings.

Navigation is now much easier

Being one of the most important functions of a website, navigation must be easy to use and at hand so that the users would be able to access the needed information in the shortest time possible. Using eDream Fixed Header will make the navigation much easier in your web site so that the user will not be forced to scroll back to the upper part of your page because the header will be always visible.

Save more time

There are lots of similarities between websites with fixed headers and PC software, for example Word or Photoshop. Imagine how it would be if you create a text document containing 30 pages and you are forced to go back to the first page to save the document. The same is valid also in case of website users. They don't want to scroll up the website to find the contact page or categories of products of online shop. With fixed heading at the upper part of the screen the users can navigate faster and handier through your site in a record time.

Maximum promotion capacity of your brand

Besides a fast and easy navigation our extension offers another important advantage, namely, the maximum promotion capacity of your brand. How we manage to do that? Generally the headers contain the name and logo of the business. eDream Fixed Header will display and fix the header permanently in the center of the attention of your clients. Most of the users will see the logo and name of your business and for certain will memorize and recognize it in the future.

User will return for sure

Using eDream Fixed Header you have the guarantee that your users will feel themselves in control throughout the website viewing. Installing the extension on your website you will significantly reduce the time allocated to scrolling or searching, allowing the visitors to locate the needed information with minimum effort. Offering the clients all these advantages they will surely return to your website and will recommend it to other persons.

Features Highlights

  • - Easy to Install and use
  • - 100% Magento Community Edition 1.4.x - 1.9.x compatible
  • - HTML5
  • - CSS3
  • - Unique admin panel with configurable options and features
  • - Cross browser compatible
  • - Easily Customizable
  • - Enable or Disable Jquery
  • - Enable or Disable NoConflict Mode
  • - Navigation is now much easier
  • - Save more time
  • - Maximum promotion capacity of your brand
  • - User will return for sure
  • - No core files changed or modified!
  • - Well documented, full installation and configuration guide included!
  • - Excellent FREE support

Additional Information

Version:   1.0.5
Compatibility:   1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x,1.8.x, 1.9.x
Documentation:   Installation and User Manual
Demo Frontend:   Frontend
Demo Backend:   Backend





Package structure

  1. - Edream_Fixed_Header-1.0.5.tgz - extension files 
    1. - app folder
    2. - js folder
  2. - Edream_Fixed_Header.pdf - documentation files for current package.
  3. - license.txt – License file.


This extension supports Magento Community Edition 1.4.x (,,, 1.5.x (,, 1.6.x (,,, 1.7.x (,,, 1.8.x (,, 1.9.x as there are NO modifications in core files. And we make sure it will work with any future Magento releases.

Extension Support and installation service

Please use our support system if you have any questions about extension, but make sure that you have read latest theme documentation. We provide extensions and Magento installation service for extra cost.


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